Franky’s Souvlaki 31 Steinway St #2, Queens, NY 11103

31 Steinway St #2, Queens, NY 11103
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David Alfredo Yang
Staff writer
October 21, 2023

I stopped by my friend’s place in Queens to hang out and grab a bite. Since he knows all the good spots to eat in the area, he suggested we get some gyro platters. I assumed he was referring to King Souvlaki, but as we were driving, he directed me to another food truck spot, Franky’s Souvlaki.

Truck located on 31st Ave & Steinway St.

I had to check this spot on Yelp, and it looked promising! We arrived around 8:30 pm, and there was a line of about 5 people, but it moved quickly. I ordered the chicken platter with everything on it (salad, fries, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, and tzatziki sauce).

Chicken platter with everything on it.

The food looked and smelled amazing! The chicken was incredibly tasty and juicy, with a charcoal flavor. The combination of all the sauces, rice, salad, and fries was mouthwatering.

I will definitely be back here to try the gyro, and I highly recommend Franky’s Souvlaki to anyone looking for fresh, generous, and delicious portions at a reasonable price.

  • Chicken platter and can of soda $11.50 (As of 08.05.2021)
  • Difference between Franky’s Souvlaki and King Souvlaki’s chicken on a stick is that Franky’s uses chicken thighs and King Souvlaki uses chicken breasts
  • I got the tzatziki sauce, NOT the white sauce. MUST REQUEST tzatziki sauce with the platter.


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